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Man Will Not Leave Afghanistan Until His Crew And The Animals At His Sanctuary Are Secure

Pen Farthing, a veteran of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, started the charity Nowzad in 2007 and has dedicated his life to helping thousands of animals since then. Pen, however, is in a frantic hurry to save her animals and local employees owing to the circumstances in Afghanistan.

Nowzad’s facilities in Kabul currently house more than 25 Afghan workers and more than 200 rescued animals. Since a result, Pen has made every attempt to remove them, as she is concerned about their uncertain future in this nation.

iNews quoted Pen as saying:

I need to get them out of here as soon as possible. I’m not going to abandon you. Everyone is frightened of what the future holds, even myself.

Man will not leave his animals or his employees behind.

Despite the complexities of the scenario, the ex-marine has launched Operation Ark in an attempt to gather cash for the evacuation.

The man is hoping to collect $200,000 to pay for a cargo aircraft ticket to the United Kingdom. However, he will need to complete many legal procedures that would allow Afghan personnel to enter the nation, so he enlists the help of his political allies.

The Foreign Minister reportedly phoned Pen to offer assistance, according to several media reports, although there is no official confirmation. In addition, the guy wants the families of each of his employees, as well as the majority of the animals in the area, to be evacuated.

Pen also added:

“I have teenage children, and I have no idea what will happen to young Afghan females…”, says one of my coworkers.

It’s a terrible position, especially because he only has a few days to make a decision or discover the best option for everyone.

The fact is that the world’s worry about the situation in Kabul has grown as a result of the distressing sights that have been broadcast on the news.

Pen laments the situation, believing that Western governments have deceived the Afghan people and abandoned them to their fate. He also expresses his discontent with his country’s administration, believing that all he previously fought for was in vain.

Pen made the following observation:

‘I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m British.’ This is a lesson in how to utterly destabilize a country from the Western world.

In 2006, the guy arrived in the city of Nowzad, where he encountered a dog that became his companion in the middle of a dispute.

She named the dog Nowzad and chose to adopt him to start a new life with him, and the charity Nowzad was established as a result of this tale.

So far, the sanctuary has been able to rehome almost 1,700 animals, many of which were reunited with troops they met during conflicts. Moreover, throughout the years, the organization has been able to teach more than 500 veterinary students in Kabul.

Pen’s organization’s purpose has benefitted not just animals in need, but also the vulnerable population.

Pen and his wife Kaisa had been traveling to Kabul from their home in Exeter on a regular basis since last year, but had sought refuge from the epidemic. They used this opportunity to develop their facilities and eventually built one of the greatest veterinary clinics in the country, but their ambition was dashed.

Because Afghanistan is in such disarray, Pen will have to make difficult decisions about the fate of some of her rescued animals.

You must decide what to do with more than 140 dogs, 40 cats, donkeys, horses, goats, and cows at the shelter, since you cannot take them all.

Pen made the following observation:

We’ll have to part ways. There isn’t any other choice, unfortunately. There are 140 dogs and only 65 spots in my kennel. Some of the elderly and wounded pets will have to be put down.

Regardless of how difficult it may appear, Pen is committed to achieving his objective and finding the best solutions for his employees and rescued animals.

For the time being, he will continue to beg for everyone’s help via Facebook and other social media platforms until he completes his goal.