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Their Horse Kept Getting Out, So They Set Up A Hidden Camera To Catch Him In Action

Ever heard the phrase, “careful what you teach your children?” Well, this pony was taught to jump, and now he’s found a great use for his talents.

Chunk resides at Green Hollow Farm in Ringoes, New Jersey, where he is a steadfast mount for riding students. He’s so wonderful, in fact, that the Green Hollow Farm staff would fill their whole barn with clones of him, “assuming they chose to stay in the barn,” they joked on their Facebook page.

After he had escaped several times, they set up a camera in the barn to see how he was doing it. On this morning, he had been brought in from the pasture for breakfast. According to his owners, after breakfast he decided it was time to return to the pasture… no need to wait for his humans to let him out, he can do it himself!

Since his escapades were caught on camera, Chunk has had almost 2 million views. He’s ready to cash in on his fame.

“Now that I’m famous do I get more treats?”