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A Thomson Gazelle Fawn Has Been Born At The Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is celebrating the birth of a Thomson baby gazelle fawn in early May. This small ray of sunshine brings joy to those who care for it. She does, in fact, put a big grin on their faces.

This sweet baby girl was born on May 9th, 2021, but her mother lost tragically three days later owing to difficulties. She has been hand-reared by the keepers since then. Despite this, she is in good health.

She’s hiding behind the curtains for the time being, but she’ll soon be joining the savannahs. This fawn is still quite young, and the caretakers are taking great care of her. Furthermore, she need adequate nourishment in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The formal announcement was made on the Columbus Zoo’s social media. Their enthusiasm was palpable in their statements.

The Thomson gazelle prefers to dwell in groups called herds. This keeps them close together and assists in their development.

Surely, this year has been full of happiness for the zoos. As they welcomed newborns back to back.

Thomson gazelles are named after Joseph Thomson, a researcher.

Their coat is light brown with black stripes going down the sides. They also have a white patch on their backs.

Also, in the wild, the species can survive for up to ten years. Furthermore, they have a six-month gestation period. In their herd, there is no hierarchy. Scent gland secretions are also used by males to mark their territory.

When you visit the zoo, be sure to say hello to the lovely animal. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.

Let’s wait for the zoo to disclose the princess’s name till then!