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The Photograph Of A Young Woman Shielding A Puppy From The Rain Has Gone Viral

A young schoolgirl in Huancayo, Peru, shields a little dog from the rain and dries its fur with her own clothing. Users quickly congratulated the young woman for the gesture she made with the dog when the photo was shared on Facebook.

Daniela Segura Morales, a Peruvian student from the Colegio Particular Ingeniera de Huancayo, has wowed the audience.

he following was written on the Facebook post:

«It makes me happy to see that there are still individuals that care about animals. It speaks a lot about her that she uses her diver to dry this puppy off, regardless of what others say. If everyone followed his lead, this country would be a very different place ».

A young man shields a puppy from rain.

A passerby stopped to photograph the gesture of generosity, which was then shared on Facebook by the “Memes FIS UNCP” group, which is made up of students from the Faculty of Systems Engineering at the National University of Huancayo’s downtown campus.

When one of her coworkers tagged her in a post, Daniela replied, “I don’t know what to say.” Many people have applauded her, and some have said that they were affected when they viewed the photograph since a gesture like this is not frequently seen: pitying a stray cat.

Daniela explained to the Daily Mail what happened to the dog she was supposed to protect and why she did so.

She stated, ”

«I was worried I was going to die from the cold, and there was nothing more I could do. My initial instinct was to shield it and dry it till the rain stopped and the shaking ceased.

After a viewer shared the images, they became viral, but Daniela was startled to learn that the drenched dog had a family who had been carelessly left alone in the rain.

“Just as the rain stopped, a lady opened the door and the dog entered the house,” Daniela said, expressing her desire to create an animal sanctuary when she is old enough and “has enough money.”

She said, ”

“It was then that I recognized the dog belonged to someone, and I warned the lady to be careful because her dog was trembling in the cold.”

The senior said she has always been interested in animal welfare, especially in a nation where cats and dogs wander the streets and authorities do nothing to address the problem.

She stated, ”

“I believe there is a horrible lack of animal consciousness here.”

When I see youngsters molesting pets, I know it’s because their parents set a poor example for them. However, there are people who love and care for their pets, and who will grieve for them if they get separated from them. This demonstrates that there are two types of people: those who are unconcerned and those who are concerned. But there is a path forward as long as there are people who care for the animals.

Daniela is presently caring for three abandoned pups with her mother, Graciela, and has expressed her gratitude for the help she has received. Despite Daniela’s compassion in caring for the animals, she is allergic to dogs and they can’t have one at home, but it doesn’t stop her from assisting as much as she can.

Daniela proceeded:

“I can spend time with a dog, but I can’t have one at home.”

Daniela was ecstatic to be invited to join the animal rescue organization in Huancayo, where she grew up.

She said, ”

«There is a woman who takes care of 15 dogs in her house and gets the money to support them. She is the type of person who deserves more attention than I am right now.

With comments from Europe, the United States, Turkey, China, South Korea, and India, her generosity has made her an internet phenomenon.

Despite the attention she has received, which has been voiced by her peers, Daniela is humble.