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Cat Was Being Lost For 536 Days But Now He Finally Reunited With Family

A cute orange boy named Cat disappeared for 536 days straight. His owners – Mindy and Luke Criner – got very sad and they thought that Cat would never come back.

They adopted Cat in June 2015 and he is very energetic and likes to play around the yard. Sadly, one day, Cat didn’t come home.

“He went missing in the beginning of May, he would go out for a little while during the day if it was nice and come home when called for lunch or dinner, and sound off with a loud meow to let you know he was coming. I put this new collar on him that had just come in the mail and let him out to play in the tree out front like usual and he paused and looked at me and I just had this strange feeling I wasn’t going to see him again, to the point I actually called my husband and told him about it. We assumed it would be a normal day, but we weren’t that lucky. He didn’t come home for dinner, didn’t sound off when called. By morning I was in full panic mode,” Mindy told Bored Panda.

But after 536 days, Cat was finally found! Mindy got a voicemail from Animal Control and an email from the microchip company saying he had been found.

Actually a man was taking care of Cat for a whole year. He was in his 60s and he used to feed Cat every day.

Now the family is reunited and finally they are happy again!