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Pomeranian Dog Looking Exactly Like Paddington Bear Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever See

Cute dogs appearing on Instagram isn’t exactly new, but dress up a tiny fluffy dog in an impressively accurate Halloween costume (albeit three months early) and you can pretty much guarantee everyone’s going to go absolutely nuts for it.

Well, it seems that New York-based artist Kathy Grayson is very much aware of this fact, as she shared an obscenely adorable picture of her pomeranian dog Bertram (Bertie to his mates) all dressed up as Paddington Bear – complete with red hat and blue duffle coat.

Forget your CGI and animatronics for the next Paddington movie – give this guy a marmalade sandwich and he could easily be the real thing.

And it turns out that masquerading as Michael Bond’s much-loved character isn’t Bertie’s only talent – he’s actually a bit of a fashionista all round, which is something he loves to share on his very own Instagram page with over 170,000 followers.

Bert actually works at his owner Kathy’s art gallery in NYC, getting dressed up in different equally cute outfits to charm visitors into buying paintings.

He’d give James Bond a run for his money in his classic bow tie look and absolutely kills it in a polo shirt.

And what’s more, he always looks absolutely chuffed with himself, which I imagine you would if you looked like that.

In fact, life really has come good for Bertie – his original breeder owners abandoned him at just five months old after they deemed he was ‘too big to sell’.

But all has now turned around for the dapper pooch, who also has his own car to go carting his mates around in, turning heads everywhere.

Bertie’s cameo as Paddington comes as the voice actor of the lovable bear, Ben Whishaw, revealed that fans might have to wait a while for the third instalment of the new live action Paddington films.

Speaking to the Metro, Ben said he was keen to get cracking on another film but was willing to let director and writer Paul King have a well-earned rest.

He said: “I would be up for one but I think Paul King, who is the writer and director and instrumental in making those films what they are, I think he quite rightly needs a break.

“A tremendous amount of work goes into those films. I’m not sure if it will happen, or if it does I’m not sure when it will happen.

“I can’t imagine doing it without Paul on some level. For me, he’s the films. And he’s a bit like Paddington Bear himself. I don’t think I could do it without him. I just do what he tells me.”

Well, at least we’ve got Bertie to keep us entertained until then.