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Dog Gets Emotional After Having Her Very Own Yard- Now She Loves To Play Outside

Mia is such a cute dog and really likes running around. She likes to play a lot and her mom Taylor Clapp says that
Mia has a lot of energy.

“She is actually pretty lazy the majority of the time but when she wants to play she usually gets a short zoomie burst of energy once or twice a day,” Taylor Clapp, Mia’s mom, told The Dodo. “She is very affectionate and goofy and her favorite game is tug-of-war.”

But now Mia has her own yard and she is so excited to play around and to run.

When she first saw the yard, got so excited she couldn’t handle it.

“She ran around and played in her yard for another hour or so and enjoyed it thoroughly for the rest of the summer,” Clapp said. “She likes the snow but is not a big fan of the cold so she does a lap around the yard every time she is outside then comes right back in.”

For Mia this yard means so much. She is so happy and now Mia can play her favorite game.