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These Dogs Tried To Return To Their Old Home After The Death Of Their Human

This is the tragic tale of Kelly and Saggy, a mother and daughter pair of canines that are unable to comprehend that their master has died away. The dogs made an effort to get back to their previous residence in Quebec, Canada. Kelly, who is five years old, and Saggy, who is two, have always been close.

Since no other family member was able to take the dogs under their care, they were brought to the Happy Valley Goose Bay Animal Protection Society, where vice president Bonnie Learning opted to take custody of them until they could find a permanent home.

According to CBCNews, the dogs were visibly upset and frantically sought to return to their front door to find their owner.

Happy Valley Goose bay shared the following on Facebook:

They are really lovely and kind girls who consistently manage to get lots of hugs and attention. When she first meets someone, Kelly might be a little hesitant, but she will warm up to you. When Saggy meets someone for the first time, she is less reserved.

“At this time, we are unsure if they have been sterilized, etc. Additionally, it would be beneficial if someone could speak French, though it is not required.

They have a very close link, are extremely well educated, and respond more readily to French than to English, thus it is crucial that they remain together.

“Ideally, we need someone who can speak French. It’s not necessary,” Learning said.