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The Poor Dog Who Was Abused By His Former Owner Has Been Returned To The Shelter 11 Times And Just Wants To Be Happy At Last

“Sheana,” a physically mistreated dog, is in need of a devoted, lifelong family. The 5-year-old boxer mix has been housebroken and is reputed to get along well with other big dogs. Unfortunately, the devoted dog was given back to the shelter 11 times.

Sheana was meant to be a stray when she entered the shelter at the age of 2, but staff members soon realized she wasn’t because of a nose injury and her visibly anxious demeanor around humans, especially men.

Employees at the shelter said the person who put the terrified dog off there acknowledged that she had come from a physically violent household and that, like many damaged animals, adjustment would be challenging.

The dog had gradually started to become used to her kennel at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Wantagh, New York. When a rescue group took her in and then sent her to a training facility in an effort to help her feel at ease among others, luck seemed to be on her side.

The poor animal kept getting brought back, and three years later she was back at the Hempstead shelter, where her adventure had started. When she returned to the shelter for a twelfth time, she broke the hearts of the staff members.

Sheana’s tragic predicament was reported less than a week ago on social media:

Sheana has jumped between our shelter, a rescue facility, adopters, a training facility, and now returned to it eleven times! This dog is in dire need of a home (that wasn’t a typo, 11 times)!

Added by the shelter:

“We have an adopter on the line. We hope Sheana can locate a permanent residence. This unfortunate puppy should no longer bounce. Our second-longest resident is her!