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Woman Finds A Very Scared Dog On The Road With A Sad Message On His Nameplate

Payden Trujillo was traveling down a snow-covered road in Utah two years ago on a chilly January night when a shadowy figure rushed past his car. When Payden stepped out of the car to look what it was, he saw it was a dog, one that was very emaciated, cold, and obviously afraid. Payden braked just in time and managed to avoid it.

Fortunately, Payden was able to attract it with a snack he had taken from his car. In the hopes that the owners would be located, she brought the dog to her father’s house where she was finally able to examine the dog tags.

My family can’t take care of me, and I need love, so if you find me, please keep me.

Mercedes Pilar Trujillo

Sister of Payden Trujillo, Mercedes, stated to The Dodo:

There are several no-kill shelters where the owners could have left her, but instead they just abandoned her. We couldn’t believe someone would dump a dog like that. As soon as we saw her, we knew no one was looking for her.

Mercedes Pilar Trujillo

Mercedes recognized what had happened and knew she had to get Lilly. Despite her extreme fear, it was obvious that all she required to turn her life around was a little affection and wholesome food.

Mercedes Pilar Trujillo

Says Mercedes:

She had to have been there for a long because of how thin she was and how frostbitten her legs were.

Mercedes Pilar Trujillo

Lilly started to feel better after a few weeks with Mercedes, but she was so terrified of being abandoned once more that she wrecked things about the home when she was left alone.

Mercedes Pilar Trujillo