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Every Day, This School Bus Driver Makes An Unscheduled Stop To Feed A Hungry Dog

Even though this dog cannot speak, he expresses gratitude every day by wagging his tail. Feed The Furbabies Canada is an organization committed to giving food and resources to rescued animals and ensuring that stray animals in rural areas don’t go hungry.

An anonymous school bus driver who had been making an unannounced stop on her route to assist a dog in need is one of the group’s volunteers.

Two years prior, the motorist observed the dog appearing very weak and helpless as it rummaged through a trash bin in search of food. Later, when she came upon the dog on the road once more, she threw a bag of dog food at him.

Facebook/ Feed The Furbabies Canada

Even though the animal is timid, the one act of compassion become a regular ritual.

According to Kareena Grywinski, the organization’s founder in Canada, The Dodo:

From Monday through Friday, she continued to feed him there in the same spot every day. Every day, no matter the weather, she waits patiently.

The dog is no longer in the malnourished condition he formerly was, although he still appears wary of approaching too closely. It’s also possible that this is the sole food he gets every day, despite the fact that his precise circumstances are unknown.

Facebook/ Feed The Furbabies Canada

Since there are so many homeless dogs in this region, making sure they don’t go hungry still has a significant impact. Of course, the ideal situation is for all dogs to be saved and adopted by loving families.

Facebook/ Feed The Furbabies Canada

Karena remarked:

It saddens our hearts that we can’t bring all of the approximately 100 canines in this neighborhood home with us. These priceless animals simply don’t have enough foster homes to choose from. We provide them with food and dog homes as best we can until a spot at a rescue facility becomes available for them.

Facebook/ Feed The Furbabies Canada