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Little Boy Says A Bear Saved Him After He Got Lost In The Woods

Casey Hathaway was playing with other children in the yard of his home in Craven County, North Carolina, when his great-grandmother went to pull him into the house and didn’t see him at all. side.

He was gone for many days after she phoned the police. Authorities undertook an extensive search, with dogs assisting by sniffing through the cold undergrowth.

As the temperature continued to fall, Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes began to feel that finding Casey alive after all this time would be a miracle.

Chris Norcott

One of the rescuers heard a young voice wailing and proceeded to investigate the noises coming from deep into the jungle. Casey was the one who was beyond the frozen pond.

Sheriff Hughes stated, ”

“His body temperature was really low, and his fingers were slightly numb.”

The three-year-old youngster was transported to a nearby hospital, where he surprised his mother. Casey said that a bear looked after him while he was stranded in the woods.

Chris Norcott

Casey’s aunt chose to share her experience on Facebook:

“He claimed to have spent two days with a bear… God sent him a companion to protect him. God is a loving God. “Miracles do occur.”

This tale made international news, and many people question if it could have happened.

Chris Norcott, a wildlife photographer who spends a lot of time with black bears in North Carolina, believes Casey’s story is real since he’s heard similar ones before.

Chris Norcott