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Dog Is Found In The Middle Of The Snow Protecting Her Babies From The Cold

A family discovered a dog and her litter of six puppies curled up in the snow in the highlands of northern Minnesota, shielding them from the elements and the perils of the forest.

Concerned for the pups’ welfare, the family decided to save them and take them to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

The family was sincerely appreciated by the shelter personnel for having such a kind heart and rescuing these helpless creatures from their horrific circumstances.

Facebook/Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue

They were taken into the shelter’s care, where they underwent the required research and started the rehabilitation procedures.

The three-week-old puppies were found to be malnourished since their mother was unable to breastfeed because of the chilly weather.

Facebook/Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue

Fortunately, Snowbelle, as the dog was known, started to provide milk for her pups after getting the warmth of the shelter and the essential nutrition.

Posted by the shelter on Facebook:

“The mother started to produce milk for the cubs after a few days of warm shelter and wholesome food.”