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Many People Are Voluntarily Filling Their Cars With Sea Turtles As A Resource To Save Them From A Terrible Winter Storm On The Coasts

People in the US state of Texas are recuperating from this winter’s cold temperatures, which were brought on by the polar vortex. Regrettably, sea turtles around the shore are also at danger from the cold, which has not just afflicted people.

Fortunately, people are responding, and many are putting turtles in their automobiles to protect them from the blizzard. Sea Turtle, Inc. volunteers from South Padre Island have been working nonstop to save as many sea turtles as they can over the past few days.

Because sea turtles have chilly blood and can’t control their internal temperature, bad weather might cause them to become paralyzed. So they run the risk of drowning if they are unable to swim or move.

Facebook/ TJ Reyna

Many volunteers have been traveling the shore and transporting turtles to locations where they can be protected while the cold storms pass in an effort to avert this terrible tragedy.

Additionally, they have posted about the predicament on social media, urging more individuals to assist the turtles and relocate them to a secure area.

Facebook/ TJ Reyna

On Facebook, a user wrote:

“Man, what a wonderful day! more helpers today compared to yesterday! We appreciate your attendance and hard work. You may still take action to assist! We still need tarps, wading pools, water, blankets, and much more since we have another day of rescues tomorrow and we are at capacity. I will let everyone know where additional deliveries will be made tomorrow.

Facebook/ TJ Reyna

In fact, the South Padre Island Convention Center and Visitors Bureau has been converted into a makeshift sanctuary for these sea turtles who have been saved; there are currently thousands of them there and it’s probable that number will keep growing.

The volunteers have been working nonstop to protect as many turtles as they can. People independently approach the coastlines and then, after completing their rescues, proceed to the conference center; this cooperative effort is for a beautiful purpose.

Facebook/ TJ Reyna

The number of people working to preserve these turtles is increasing, and it is hoped that one day, when the conditions are ideal, all of the turtles will return to the ocean and live out their lengthy lives there. They will definitely serve as an energizing example to the community of the countless volunteers who contributed to the sea turtles’ survival.

Facebook/ TJ Reyna