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A Sweet And Brave 8-Year-Old Girl Goes On A Journey When She Walks Through The Snow In Order To Find Help For Her Sick Pet

People frequently go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of their greatest friend, and a child who braved the deep, icy snow to find treatment for her puppy once again demonstrates that animal lovers know no bounds.

One day, veterinarian Ogün ztürk traveled to a tiny hamlet in Turkey to provide medical care for a client’s cow. The man had just intended to respond to the phone and go, but something unexpected caused him to alter his original plans.

A regular visit that turned into a moment Ogün would never forget changed the course of both his life and his career as a veterinarian.


The veterinarian had just finished his duties and was getting ready to leave town when he abruptly noticed something in the distance. A young girl was coming toward him along a route that was entirely covered in snow, but she was not alone; a lovely dog was riding on her back.


The 8-year-old Cemre Su Türköz apparently learned that the community had a veterinarian and couldn’t resist the chance. She made the decision to trek more than a mile to locate Ogun because her small dog, Pamuk, had become ill and she was frantic to get him medical attention.

Ogun stated to The Dodo:

“I was shocked and affected when I saw them for the first time. She carried her puppy on her back after wrapping it.


The little girl and her sick puppy were unable to be turned away, as anticipated, so the veterinarian gave her a general checkup. Cemre became concerned, but thankfully the puppy’s ailment was not too bad and it only required the appropriate therapy.

Pamuk just had a few minor skin issues that bothered him and were not particularly concerning, according to the vet.


Ogun also said

“Cemre was overjoyed to learn that her puppy would be okay. I gave Pamuk some medication. Now that he is well and content, he is having fun.

Cemre’s boldness had brought them a new friend and much-needed assistance for their cherished pet.

The veterinarian has since made multiple trips to the community to check on Cemre and Pamuk and to do thorough health examinations of the small dog. By doing this, Ogün makes sure they never again have to cross the deep snow or risk their lives to seek assistance.