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Innocent Pet Turtles Are Being Eaten Alive By Hungry Rats

Animals that were denied of the food they were used to owing to the closing of several restaurants have also been impacted by the confinement brought on by the epidemic, in addition to people.

This is the situation with the rats in the United Kingdom who were compelled to hunt elsewhere for sustenance after the coronavirus when they were shocked to discover that there were no leftovers from restaurants.


Sadly, this scenario has also damaged the pet turtles, whom the ravenous rats are eating alive because they were denied access to food leftovers while confined.


The closing of these businesses has made it difficult for the rodents to get their regular supply of food, which was the leftovers from cafés and restaurants throughout Britain.

This year, rats are a significant issue. Please take care to prevent your pet from becoming one of their victims, said the International Turtle Association representative.


The rats have left the home and are currently pursuing the turtles. The rats will continue gnawing endlessly, according to Celia.

The rats are highly persistent, according to Bridgend veterinarian Riccardo Cardia, and their incisors are incredibly powerful.


“The tortoise will only be present, giving the rats unlimited time. They’ll be eaten alive, said Riccardo.

Client of Dr. Riccardo, 54-year-old Andrea Morgan, almost lost Scooby, her 80-year-old cat with whom she had shared her life since infancy.

His tortoise was wounded by a rat over the course of one night earlier this month; fortunately, Scooby was still alive, but he had wounds on both legs and a worm infestation on his back.


The 54-year-old Julie Hinks, who started the Hampshire Tortoise Society in Fareham, issued a warning after observing an upsurge in assaults.

Rats bit Freda, a Mediterranean spiny-thighed tortoise, the night before the lockdown began, and she needed her legs wrapped.

After being placed in a warm chamber and receiving creams and medicines, Freda made a full recovery.