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Rescued Pregnant Dog Gets Best Maternity Photo Shoot

Ryan Fant stumbled found this gorgeous golden retriever running about without a collar while exploring a park in Little Rock, Arkansas. He approached her and gave her a hug, and when he discovered she was following him home, he decided to take her in and call her Lily Mae. His amazement was compounded when he learned that his rescued dog was expecting a child.

Ryan searched for the family of the gorgeous puppy for a month without success. So he decided to make her a permanent member of her family, and before long, he observed her new pet’s tummy developing quickly, and a vet verified Lily Mae was expecting pups.


Caitie chose to herald the puppies’ arrival in the kindest manner possible, with a pregnancy picture shoot, with her due date only a few days away.

The woman continued, excitedly:

“I’ve raised a lot of pregnant dogs and new mums, and I’ve always wanted to do a picture session to draw attention to the world’s foster and rescue dogs. I believe it is critical to disseminate the message that rescue centers can house a wide variety of canines.”


Shauna Kiely, a photographer and rescue partner, was immediately contacted. The two women agreed, and the next day they had the cutest pregnancy shoot, with Lily Mae ecstatic to be the center of attention and get so much love.


The photo shoot was only 30 minutes long. Lily Mae was having a terrific time, according to Caitie, and she was acting like a professional model.

Mae went into labor a few days later and gave birth to eight healthy puppies, seven males and one female. Caitie’s attention had also ensured that the new mother was in wonderful health.


Caitie explains:

“They’re big, robust newborns who weigh nearly a pound each. They’re doing extremely well, and they’re both healthy and active. Mom embraces and loves them all, but she also trusts me to look after them all. She allows me to change her bedding, but if I take too long, she will begin to replace it.”


They will be available for adoption through the Chip N Snip rescue facility in Houston, Texas, after they are a little older and able to feed themselves. Lily Mae will be free to return to her father Ryan in Arkansas after this; for the time being, she is doing an excellent job as a caring mother.