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Blind Golden Retriever And Her Guide Best Friend Are Warming People’s Hearts

The various obstacles that happen in life not only put our talents to the test, but also reveal who our actual friends are, as Jake, a 2-year-old blind golden retriever, discovered when he lost his sight completely.

Jake’s life would be severely altered as a result of his physical restrictions, but happily, Addie was eager to assist him with everything. Since then, Jake’s wonderful puppy has not only been his best buddy, but also his life’s guidance and constant companion.

Jake’s health issues started when he was two years old, when he was diagnosed with a dangerous condition that stopped his eyes from producing tears.


They tried a variety of treatments and operations prescribed by an ophthalmologist for several months, but their eyes continued to worsen over time.

Soon after, the vet informed his family that they had to pick between Jake’s eyes and his dog’s life.


Bored Panda spoke with Jake’s father, Kim, who said:

“Both possibilities sounded inhumane, especially for a dog that had already endured so much.”

Many families with blind dogs, on the other hand, contacted Jake’s family to share their remarkable stories.


They were also advised that despite their blindness, dogs have tremendous flexibility and may live regular lives.

Kim continued, ”

“Our physician also told us that sight is really number three on a dog’s list of senses, with smell and hearing being more crucial.”


Jake’s family decided to remove his eyes and give him a second chance after gathering all of the facts they needed. Jake woke up and started shaking his tail at the vet after the procedure, indicating that his days of misery were ended.


Despite the fact that she needed some time to acclimate to her new life, her sister Addie was always there to support her.

Soon, his constant improvement was mirrored in the ease with which he conquered various barriers and walked in various locations. To get Jake to follow the sound, Addie wore a bell around her neck at first, but she eventually learned to track it on her own.


All Addie has to do now is make a sound or trace her scent, and Jake will know exactly where she is. Addie has since evolved into a real mentor for Jake, earning her the title of “best girl of all.”

Jake still trips over things, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing on his journey, and the greatest part is that his fun side has returned.


Kim had this to say:

“We’re glad we made this decision, and we’re thankful to those who pushed us to do so.” Despite all of his obstacles, Jake reminds us every day that his life still has immense meaning and importance.”

Jake is described as having a laid-back disposition, and when he isn’t travelling or playing with his sister, he lives a regular puppy life.