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Woman Adopts A Stray Dog That Asked Her To Buy Him Some Food At Supermarket

Cats are intelligent creatures—especially stray cats, who need to use their intelligence to the fullest to survive in the streets. The life of these cats is difficult as they constantly need to search for food and fight for their lives. This white tailless cat from Mexico had a rough start to his life as a stray cat. However, while searching for food, he accidentally found his forever home.

33-year-old primary school teacher Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova spotted a little stray cat at her local supermarket in Piedras Negras, Mexico. In the video she took, the cat looks at Tania and when she gently strokes him, he starts to follow her to the supermarket. In a few seconds, he leads her to the food stall and paw-points to the cat food. He knows the cat food brand he likes and Tania lovingly laughs.

Tania was charmed by this poor little kitten and decided to adopt him. She named him Conejo, which means “rabbit,” because he has no tail. Now Rabbit is safe and sound, he got medical care, and even has a favorite toy, Rene. He no longer needs to wander the streets for food and is a very happy cat.

“Let me tell you that before Rabbit was very handsome in the photos, we had to first heal many wounds he had. We do not know if it was due to mistreatment by people or simply because he was in fights with other street animals. He allowed himself to be touched and carried, but his countenance was very sad and fearful all the time, even before he came to our house. We didn’t have any animals, but I think he taught us a great lesson that we must show respect, love, and empathy towards other beings,” explained the owner to Bored Panda.