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Hungry Dog ​​Ate Stones Because His Owner Left Him Without Food Or Water

A starved two-year-old dog was forced to chew boulders to stay alive and avoid starvation while tethered. The dog, a Doberman-pinscher mix named Lou, was mercilessly tortured in Butler County, Ohio, by his owner David Neanover, 36.

Concerned about the terrible abuse they were witnessing, David’s neighbors decided to inform the local sheriff about the heinous crime. Lou was discovered in a sad state, bound by a small chain and in severe need of food and water.

Facebook/Animal Friends Humane Society

The dog also had major open wounds on numerous regions of its body, indicating that it had gone through a traumatic period. Lou was taken and rescued from this location by the Animal Friends Humane Society, which was then in charge of conducting the necessary medical checks.

The dog had sores on his tongue and a portion of it was gone, making it difficult for him to eat properly.

Facebook/Animal Friends Humane Society

According to the Daily Mail, he also had a staph infection and was so underweight that his rib cage could be seen through the skin.

In a Facebook post, the shelter said:

“Lou had been deprived of nourishment for quite some time and was chained.”

Facebook/Animal Friends Humane Society
Facebook/Animal Friends Humane Society

Following several X-rays, it was discovered that Lou had rocks in his digestive tract, indicating that he had eaten them in an attempt to survive.

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County stated that no sane person could look at this tragic scenario and believe it is appropriate.

Although the pup’s condition is difficult to notice in photos, the shelter made every effort to save him. Lou was given five days of treatment, but despite Animal Friends’ best efforts, the dog died a few days later.

Some have dubbed David Neanover “Lucifer,” and he was apprehended by the police and sent to court to be convicted. After a court declined to prosecute him with animal cruelty, several people protested for the guy to be punished.

Outside the courthouse, protesters held banners demanding justice. David’s counsel contended in his defense that the dog died as a result of a medical issue, not because of the cruelty.

Facebook/Animal Friends Humane Society

Fortunately, many people joined the lawsuit and offered their side of the story, including someone who knew David well.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the anonymous individual sent the following letter to the judge:

“I’m requesting the full extent of the law.” Allowing a precious and innocent person to suffer in filth, without food or drink, without love or kindness is unacceptably cruel. David even referred to him as ‘Lucifer,’ which is exactly what he should be named.”

The letter’s author went on to say:

“If I were a judge, these animal abusers would face the consequences of their actions.” Animals are simply innocent spirits inhabiting various bodies.”

Facebook/Animal Friends Humane Society