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Cyclist Saves Five Weak And Sick Tiny Puppies On The Streets

Professional cyclist Thyago Costa Silva faced something unexpected. While riding in Brazil, he saw 5 little puppies on the streets.

They looked so weak and sick.

“They were in a super remote place, far away,” he told The Dodo. “Someone dug the hole and left them there to die. They were weak and couldn’t escape.”

Silva and his friend decided to help these poor babies immediately.

They offered puppies water because they were so thirsty.

Fortunately, puppies are all safe now and super healthy.

“I took them home and took care of them,” Silva said.

But finally puppies are all adopted now and have their own dreamy home.

“They were all adopted by good people who love animals,” Silva said. “Thank God.”

“They will have a better life,” Silva said. “I’m sure they will be well taken care of. This makes me so happy.”

Such a beautiful rescue story!