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Adorable Photos Of Furballs Jumping Around And Getting Their First Taste Of Snow

Pomeranians are one of the smallest dogs in the world, outsmalled only by a chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. They are commonly known as the shortened form Pom and are just the cutest little fluffballs with adorable jellybeans for their paws and we just can’t get enough of them. Even though they might not look like it, they’re extremely strong and are even closely related to wolves and sled dogs. They’re a spitz breed and were much bigger animals until the 19th century. Queen Victoria played a huge part in that. She owned a Pomeranian that was particularly small for those times and people wanting to feel as royal as she, wanted the smallest Poms possible. Consequently, in the Queen’s lifetime alone, the size of the breed decreased by so much as half!

Even though Pomeranians are thought to originate from Iceland, these particular cuties jumping around in the snowfall are the stars of Jolly Sprite kennel in Russia, owned by Elena Aleksandrova who prioritizes the health and correct anatomical build of the doggos. She also says that not only are the looks important but a stable psyche as well.

The fluffs get their name from a small region in northeast Germany, called Pomerania. That’s where they began to be bred purposefully to resemble the little fluffy teddy-bears we know today.

Nowadays Pomeranians are usually owned as companion dogs and make excellent friends. They were actually owned and loved by many creative minds, such as Mozart who even dedicated one of his arias to his pet Pom named Pimperl. But he’s not the only musician inspired by a Pomeranian. Frederic Chopin wrote “Waltz of the Little Dogs” after being inspired by his friend’s pet Pom chasing his tail.

If looking at these Poms is not cute enough by itself, we have something even better. Turns out, groups of Pomeranians have special names. A Pomeranian duo is called a”puff” and probably no one would argue that it’s not only adorable but also hilariously accurate. A group of three or more Poms is called a “tuft”.