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Baby Penguin Named Natalia Isn’t Afraid Of The Water Anymore Thanks To This Man

Carlos was so surprised when he learned that a penguin was terrified of the water. Actually penguin had washed ashore and was so traumatized after that.

This baby penguin has a name now, call her Natalia. She was saved from the wildlife rescuer from ORCA Peru.

Natalia was found at Punta Hermosa Beach. A lot of people were there to help her. Penguin was so scared of all the attention she got and was injured as well.

Carlos was there and immediately helped this poor penguin.

So he started consulting with an expert and after that, Carlos decided to take away her fear of the water.

After a few days she started eating fish in the water. That means that Natalia isn’t afraid anymore.

Penguin now is ready to go back into the wild.