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Anyone Passing By Should Hold Hands With The Shelter Dog Because He Will Feel Less Lonely 

It’s difficult to go past Speck’s kennel at the Bullock County Humane Society and not say hello.

The devoted puppy presses his face between the metal bars and extends out his paw as soon as he notices someone coming.


“All he wants is someone to adore him,” the shelter’s director, Desiray Miracle-Wilder, told The Dodo. “He’ll extend his small hand to you, and all he wants is for you to touch and hold his hand.” And he’s so disappointed when you go to finish cleaning or whatever it is you’re doing.”

For the past year and a half, Speck has sat unnoticed in a small kennel in the Alabama shelter, waiting for a family to adopt him. You’d think that Speck’s wounds on his face would have hardened him after years on the streets, yet he couldn’t be more trusting.


“You could put anything around him — another large dog, a cat,” Wilder explained, “but he is just so hooked on gaining affection from humans that he doesn’t care about anything else.”

“All he wants is for you to touch him,” says the narrator “she continued. “If you sit down, he’ll lie down on you; if you take his hand in yours, he’ll take yours in his; if you scratch his tummy, he’ll roll over.”


Wilder was cleaning the kennels last Thursday when she had the idea to capture the puppy’s adorable hand-holding habit.

She shared the video on her Facebook page in the hopes of generating interest in Speck, and it rapidly went viral, garnering 96,000 views in only a few days.

Allie’s Hope For Paws Pup Rescue was drawn to Speck’s video and assisted in matching the shelter dog with a wonderful adoptive.

“He’ll be running with Mike, his family, and two fur brothers on a 26-acre farm!” Wilder expressed himself on Facebook. “We are ecstatic. Not only did this video of Speck’s cuteness help him be adopted, but he also helped a few other fur babies get adopted, plus he brought us some food contributions!”


Speck is now awaiting transit so that he can meet his future family. He leaves behind a few other long-timers who are still looking for a loving home, but Wilder is hoping that Speck will encourage others to welcome his buddies into their hearts.