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During Quarantine, A Man And His Dog Enjoy The Finest Workout Routine

It seemed unfathomable a month ago for Silvio Siamo to have his dog Sparky construct the greatest workout program during his confinement; exercise is not something this 5-year-old Bull Terrier enjoys, but Siamo has been fortunate to have Sparky by his side.

According to Silvio, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Sparky is a slacker who prefers to hang out with his family and get cuddled.”


Sparky is not known for being an energetic pet that enjoys exercise, and he frequently abandons a stroll in the midst; when he decides that enough is enough, he simply quits, and his adoptive father is responsible for all of the labor, which has been documented.

Despite this, he discovered a method to assist his father with cardiovascular exercises while still being pampered.

Siamo explained:

“Working together is enjoyable for Sparky. During our training, he is usually positioned close where he may expect kisses.”

When Siamo begins his training regimen, this tiny Bull Terrier just climbs beneath him and begins a kissing routine that he appears to enjoy very well.


In these times of quarantine, his acts had a beneficial influence on his adoptive father, Siamo added:

«During the quarantine, we are obligated to stay at home and work with Sparky. [He] is assisting us in passing the days with tranquility and making us practically forget the emergency in which we live in Italy via embraces and kisses.

The quarantine days are for Sparkie to spend time with his family, and he appears to be making the most of it by being by his father’s side at all times.


Siamo guarantees:

“Sparky is content because he is constantly cuddled, we play together, we do video chats with pals, and we bake cookies that he enjoys.” He goes out to the balcony to lie down in the sun when he gets fatigued.