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Visitors Threw Stones At A Kangaroo At The Zoo, Causing Him To “Jump” And He Passed Away After That

Visitors to a zoo in southern China tossed rocks at kangaroos in an attempt to get them to “jump,” killing one and injuring another. According to China Daily, a 12-year-old female kangaroo at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian province died on April 4 after being struck by a stone, which caused “severe bleeding” in one of her legs.

A five-year-old male kangaroo was hurt just days later after a brick fragment was thrown into his enclosure.

The kangaroo’s paw was crushed, limping, and listless when zookeepers discovered it after a visitor hurled stones at it in an attempt to get it to leap, according to a local newspaper, The Haixia Metropolis News.

Credit: AsiaWire

A zoo vet, who only wanted to be identified by his last name, Chen, told The Paper:

“Some of us witnessed the guests hurling stones, and an attendant came out to stop them,” said one of the visitors.

The kangaroo’s wounded leg was washed and treated by a veterinarian. However, he died abruptly of internal hemorrhage a few days later.

“It revealed that I was in excruciating pain.” However, it was unclear where the discomfort was coming from.

Credit: AsiaWire

Even nevertheless, the stones continued to fall. According to press sources, a 5-year-old kangaroo was hurt at the same zoo after people pelted him with stones after the incident.

The Haixia Metropolis News quoted one of the zoo visitors as saying:

“When grownups observe kangaroos sleeping, they pick up stones and toss them at them. They started seeking for rocks elsewhere after removing the exposed area of rocks.

Stones were hurled at a kangaroo in the zoo, and he died.
The zoo has posters prohibiting people from throwing things, as well as security cameras. The cameras, on the other hand, are aimed towards the enclosures rather than the viewing areas, allowing thieves to slip past unnoticed.

Credit: AsiaWire

The zoo is presently requesting further government funds in order to install more cameras.

The death of the kangaroo generated outrage in China over how animals are handled in zoos, particularly some visitors’ practice of throwing toys and food to draw the animals’ attention.

The commitment by the Fuzhou Zoo to add extra security cameras, according to the Ningbo Daily, was to cure the symptoms, not the problem.

Credit: AsiaWire