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Every Night Before Bed, This Cat Asks To Be Crated

This privileged kitty and her father like doing things together, and their friendship is quite unique, therefore her cute ritual with the box began one night after her father returned home from work.

Selina was resting inside a box when her father wanted to move it, so she pulled the box with her inside to avoid upsetting her cat, and this gesture worked like a charm on the cat. A member of Selina’s family, Divya Krishnan, told The Dodo:

“He adores carrying her around like a baby.”


Divya keeps track:

“I intended to move the box one night when she was inside, but the next minute she was inside having the time of her life, so she now has at least two boxes on top for her to carry.”

Selina and her father have been playing games every night since that time; she normally waits at the door for him to return from work and follows him around the house while she waits for him to be ready to jump into the box and for her father to drag her down the hallway.

Divya explains:

“It usually happens at the same hour at night.”


When Selina discovers that her father is late or appears to have forgotten about his playtime, she starts mewing until he understands her claim. The cat is too engrossed in her routine to notice it; she knows that her father adores her and delights in seeing her happy.