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A Knife-Wielding Drone Is Used By Cops To Save A Tangled Pigeon

For other people, the existence of one pigeon on the planet may be insignificant, yet it means everything to her.

Fortunately for this young chick, she was able to find folks who believe it is well worth rescuing.


From the Peruvian city of Barranca, dramatic footage has emerged. A pigeon is seen dangling from a power wire, her legs entwined in a piece of string.

The bird had become stranded in the sky, with no visible means for anyone to approach her. Rather than ignoring her plight, these couple of local cops came up with a novel solution.

They fitted a utility knife to a drone to reach the pigeon and cut the thread that was tying her up.

Here’s a video of the rescue:

It’s possible that the approach utilized to extricate the tangled pigeon was a little out of the ordinary.

But it served its purpose.


The pigeon looked to be in excellent health despite her trauma when the authorities removed the thread from around her feet. Still, she was handed over to an animal rehabilitator for further observation.

If rescuers hadn’t acted that day, it’s uncertain how much longer the pigeon would have lived dangling from the overhead wire — but they did, and it made all the difference.