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Meet This Adorable Cat Named Tuna That Likes Greeting Deliveryman, She Loves People

Meet this cute cat named Tuna. She always has affection for the deliverymans. Tuna has a sassy personality and her reactions were caught on the camera.

Her owner’s has posted the cutest pictures ever.

Cat loves to go outside and wants to greet deliveryman. Tuna is such a lovely cat and socializes very fast with people.

Tuna’s owner spoke to Bored Panda: “We were originally just babysitting her for a friend when she was a kitten and they never got her back. She’s around 6 years old. When the pandemic started, we were working from home a lot more and ordering a lot of delivery, so her sleep schedule changed and she would wait outside for delivery people! We always watch her on the camera and never let her out when we aren’t home. She loves people!”