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This Hedgehog Named Darcy Is So Famous In Internet And Her Pictures Are So Adorable

It’s hard to compete for attention in a world dominated by cats and dogs. However, a little hedgehog named Darcy is giving them a run for their money. Her climb to sensational popularity began almost three years ago when her loving owner Shota Tsukamoto first put a photo of his adorable pet on Instagram. Now she has more than 340,000 followers.

The pictures below aren’t ordinary pictures of a hedgehog. Tsukamoto, who calls himself a hedgehographer, designs his photos very carefully. Many different objects like cups, shoes and plants, together with the white background, help to create a unique style that Darcy seems to enjoy.

The little girl is 3 years old, resides in Tokyo, and is named after the former bassist from the band The Smashing Pumpkins. Her popularity on Instagram rises by the minute, while Tsukamoto publishes a new picture of Darcy about every second day.

This hedgehog is so adorable.