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When A Dog Sees A Soccer Match, He Decides To Join In

Jorge León’s dog shocked him in Spain, namely in the city of Tudela, when he performed a strange behavior that made her a social media sensation.

Jorge chose to take a walk around the streets of his neighborhood with his German shepherd dog, Jara, but he had no clue that he would become a celebrity. The initial idea was to go for a casual walk, but they ended up passing through the city’s football stadium in the middle of it.

At that particular moment, Jorge was watching a highly interesting soccer match between CD Tudelano and SD Amorebieta, which drew his attention.

Credit: CHAVERRI86

Jorge and Jara sat down for a time to watch the game after locating two good viewing locations. The game was thrilling, but Jara’s attention was drawn to a single item: the soccer ball. He did not move his gaze away from the spherical object.

According to Jorge, who spoke to the Diario de Navarra,

“She was enthralled by it when she saw it.”

Credit: CHAVERRI86

Jara’s purpose, though, did not appear to be to simply watch the ball roll, and he received the opportunity he had hoped for in a couple of minutes.

Jorge continued:

“They opened the entrance that connects the soccer pitch to the outside world with 10 minutes left [to play].” Jara’s face brightened up, and she made the decision to enter.

Credit: CHAVERRI86

Mikel Saizar, the visiting team’s goalie, was going to make a play with the ball in the 80th minute of the game. The goalie had no idea what was about to happen, but Jara swooped in unexpectedly quickly and retained the ball.

Jorge’s dog had entered the game and was holding the ball like a pro, as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

Credit: CHAVERRI86

The players, spectators, and other individuals were all taken aback by what was going on, and the game had to be stopped, but no one seemed to mind.

The goalie used the ball to grab Jara’s attention and tossed it off of the field when he opted to sprint across the pitch. The loving dog rushed after the ball, and Jorge was able to capture it in the blink of an eye, putting a stop to his strange prank.

Credit: CHAVERRI86

The soccer match could be restarted with a new ball, but Jara had already established himself as a popular sports celebrity.

Footters, a streaming site, recorded the amusing incident and chose to share it on social media, where it quickly went viral. In a short period of time, the video had received over 320,000 views, thousands of responses, and hundreds of comments praising Jara’s skill.

Everything is anecdotal, according to his owner, but after the video was released, many people contacted him to learn more about Jara.

Jorge said:

“We thought it was amusing at the time, but we had no idea it would go that far.”

Many people were blown away by Jara’s talent, and while everyone was taken aback, Jorge emphasized that it is something he performs on a regular basis.

Credit: CHAVERRI86

Jorge remarked:

«She is well-behaved at home since she has been trained. But when we get to the park, she’s all about the balls ».

Jara returned to the soccer stadium, but this time she was invited by the local squad, so she could spend more time with the players and enjoy their company.

Credit: CHAVERRI86

Jara will undoubtedly be remembered as a soccer icon who displayed his real love for the game.