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Tiny Possums Were Finally Rediscovered After the Devastating Fires

Little pygmy possums were found all alone since the Australian bushfires in 2019-2020. These creatures are very small and it’s so difficult to look for them.

“The status of the little pygmy possum (Cercartetus lepidus) was unknown pre-2020 bushfires on #kangarooisland. With most of its habitat severely burnt, we are happy to have detected the species for the first time since the fires in the largest unburnt patch,” the fauna ecologist Pat Hodgens wrote in a Twitter post announcing the rediscovery.

Hodgens also added that there are 113 formal records of the species.

“There’s only really been 113 formal records of the species [ever on Kangaroo Island]. So certainly not very common and, obviously, the bushfires burnt through much of that habitat that species had, but we were certainly hopeful that we would find them,” Pat Hodgens told ABC.

For all that time, there are already 20 different wildlife species that have already been rediscovered. One of them is this little possum.

Fauna ecologist said that they are doing everything to same and protect them.

“It’s very important now because it is kind of like the last refuge for a lot of these species that really rely on very old long, unburned vegetation.”