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Meet Cinnamon, An Adopted Hedgehog That Is Living Her Best Life And Is Now A Photomodel

This is Cinnamon, an adopted hedgehog that is so adorable. She lives with her owner since last December.

His owner is a photographer and has captured the most beautiful pictures of Cinnamon.

Also Cinnamon is gaining a lot of followers in Instagram and she really deserves all the success.

“This past December, I had the opportunity to adopt a baby girl, Cinnamon, from a rescue and she has totally changed my life. It’s been so wonderful getting to observe these little creatures and see her loving, adventurous, playful spirit shine. Being a photographer and fairly crafty, what started as a fun project of making Cinnamon little furniture and clothing has quickly evolved into a fun Instagram account sure to make you smile. I have so much fun creating little scenes for her and capturing her personality!” he has written to Bored Panda.

Lucky Cinnamon! She has a wonderful life now! So cute!