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A Dog Who Works At A Laundromat Is Unable To Stop Napping On All Of The Machines

You can get a special greeting if you walk into Larkin Street Laundry right before closing time.

Cody, an 8-year-old golden retriever, assists his father in closing the laundromat every night. Cody takes his work seriously, napping on top of the washing machines while his father cleans and puts things away.


Cody’s father, fortunately, doesn’t mind that he isn’t the best worker.

“When my father closes up the laundromat at the end of the day, he always takes our dogs there with him,” Stephanie, Cody’s sister, told The Dodo. “Our former dog used to like to sit on the chairs and observe the customers and passers-by, but Cody is a lot faster than him.”

“After we tried to convince him to just sit on the chairs,” she continued, “he figured out a method to climb from the chair to the smaller washers and then to the larger washers.” “He’s a little more laid-back than our previous dog, so he prefers to lay down and wait for pets and treats.”


Cody has become the laundromat’s primary attraction, providing the ideal diversion for customers waiting for their laundry to dry.

This arrangement works for Cody, who enjoys attention but likes it when people come to him. Stephanie explained, “His motto has always been, ‘I do what I want.'”


Cody can keep an eye on everything going on at the laundromat from his elevated vantage point.

Stephanie speculated, “I suppose he likes how he can see everyone at eye level while he’s on top of the washers.” “He’s also a little snobbish for a dog, so I’m guessing he wants to feel like a king up there.”


Cody has become a local celebrity — and the subject of several memes — after years of laundromat service.

But the decent boy refuses to be distracted by his celebrity. He has a job to do, after all, and those washers aren’t going to sit on their own.