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A Stray Dog Visits His Veterinarian, Asking  Him To Assist Him In Returning Home

A few days ago, a little dog in Thailand went through a terrifying situation when he inadvertently became separated from his adoptive family and couldn’t find his way home, but this little one was incredibly resourceful; he tracked down his veterinarian and requested his assistance in returning home.

It’s unclear how long he was out on the streets looking for help. The fact is that he is a highly bright dog who figured out how to get back home.


According to The Dodo:

the small black dog was able to make his way to the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic, where he had long since gotten his vaccines.

A footage from the clinic’s security camera shows the terrified dog waiting calmly on the boundaries of the grounds for them to notice his presence.

This dog’s cleverness is quite amazing; when he couldn’t find a way home, he sought assistance.


The clinic stated on its website about the child’s experience:

«The proprietor is content. “The dog is content.”