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Male Orangutan Takes Care Of His Baby After Mom’s Death, See The Most Heartwarming Pictures

Cerah is a 2-year-old orangutan whose mom has died recently. The little baby lives at the Denver Zoo. But Cerah’s dad Berani made the most precious thing.

He decided to raise his daughter alone.

“Cerah couldn’t have asked for a better dad. Berani is so attentive and protective of her, seeing all her needs,” the zookeepers said in a Facebook post shared two days ago.

A picture of them both has been shared on social media and everyone went crazy.

This is such a heartwarming photo. Carlie McGuire, the Public Relations Coordinator at the Denver Zoo has said that Berani knows really well how to treat his babies.

“He has always been an exception to the typical role of a male orangutan.” “Well before Nias’ (the mother’s) death, Berani was known for treating Hesty, Nias’ first daughter, like his own offspring. Hesty is not Berani’s biological daughter, but he always treated her as such. So it’s no surprise to us now that he’s stepped in to take care of Cerah.”