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This Puppy’s Adorable Little “Butt” Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

Meet Porter, a beautiful puppy with the softest, most squeezable face on the planet.

Porter’s claim to fame, on the other hand, is on the other end of the spectrum.


Porter’s owner, Alyssa Isabel, has been taking pictures with him to chart his development. Of course, the photos are typically adorable, but one recent shot caught something a little unusual.

Isabel later discovered a characteristic on Porter in the shot that she had never seen before.

Porter appeared to have a little bottom, complete with a pair of cheeks.


Isabel told The Dodo, “I didn’t even notice his ‘butt cheeks’ in the picture at first.” “A few hours later, I went back to my phone to look at the photos, and I came upon the amusing image. ‘Oh my my, this is too funny,’ I thought.


Thousands of online users have already chimed in, resulting in some humorous responses.

Porter’s wonderfully round rump was like a shooting star, illuminating the world with its brilliance for only a fraction of a second.

Isabel explained, “It was just extra skin that bunched up due of the manner I was carrying him.” “Unfortunately, his butt has not been seen since.”

Porter, on the other hand, has a plethora of lovely assets, both inside and out.


“He enjoys interacting with other people and dogs, and he is exceptionally well behaved for his age,” Isabel said. “He’s the most mischievous puppy!”