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The Grateful Pelican Continues To Pay His Respects To The Guy Who Saved His Life

In Beirut, Lebanon, Omar El Oud was fishing with his father when they noticed a pelican approaching. The bird appeared to be in need of assistance, and one of its legs was bleeding, so the guys attempted to assist it by bringing it to shore.

The Oud sought assistance and called Lebanese Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation organization. They were successful in rearing Ovi, the bird they named.

The Oud revealed to The Dodo:

“The first time we rescued Ovi, he was bleeding from a wound on his thigh, and we saw he was missing his flying feathers and was filthy. We later discovered he had a fever.’


The man used the positive reinforcement approach to teach the bird to take better care of itself.

The Oud has the following characteristics:

“I gave him a fish when he behaved well, and when he didn’t, he just disregarded it. He became a very friendly bird to me in less than a day. It’s a really clever creature.


Unfortunately, Ovi was unable to fly vast distances without his flight feathers, but he was now in a position where his recuperation was certain. El Oud’s father, Ali, runs a seaside cafe and was certain that the bird would be safe there. Taking care of the pelican has now become a communal effort.

The Oud was feeding Ovi at the sports facility, but the astute creature figured out where the tasty fish came from and became a regular at the restaurant. The pelican came to the location numerous times a day in quest of food.

The Oud continued:

“He basically just hangs out at the restaurant and does whatever he wants. However, if he is hungry and needs food, he will come simply because he has understood where food comes from.


El Oud and his father have established a particular relationship with the pelican, who has gotten extremely close to them. Ovi likes having his back and chest stroked, but he only lets individuals approach him with whom he feels secure.

According to the Oud, it creates specific noises as if it wants to communicate with you.


After a year at the marina, Ovi is thoroughly enjoying himself. The Oud carefully looks after the bird and makes sure that human interaction does not have a negative impact on it; he laments that his wildlife has been harmed in this way.

According to the Oud:

“This should never have happened in the first place. Ovi should not have been in this situation, but the laws governing Lebanese birds do not always apply.


The appreciative pelican is aware that he is cared for by the restaurant patrons, and his advocates hope that his case will serve as an example of how to care for this species and allow it to thrive in the wild.

According to The National, the Oud said:

“Everyone here looks after him. It has become a symbol for the town. It is hoped that it will not get domesticated and will wander once more. We want him to have a life befitting a pelican.