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An Adorable Baby Flamingo Is Taking It’s First Steps Towards Becoming An Adult

There’s an adorable baby flamingo living at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, and it’s taking its first steps towards becoming an adult. As visitors and folks on the Internet watch the baby flamingo realize that being an adult is difficult, people find the bird just too relatable.

“National Aviary staff and visitors can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!,” said the caption of an adorable photo of the 4-day-old flamingo posted on the organization’s Facebook page. Honestly, people can’t stop praising the chick for its fluffiness and admiring its super long legs.

But what’s most adorable about the bird is that it tries to adult so hard. Twitter user Celesse also shared the pics of the birdie with the following caption: “BABY FLAMINGO… Who’s trying so hard to flamingo.”

We can see the bird trying to stand on one leg like an adult flamingo. We watch it doing its best to make sense of its anatomy and changing body…

Yup, adulting is not easy, little fellow! “We all go through a bit of an “awkward stage.” and flamingos are no different!,” Robin Weber, staff member at the National Aviary, told Bored Panda when asked what we can learn from baby flamingo. “Growing up is hard, but just be persistent like a baby flamingo! You got this!”

Well, at least the bird doesn’t have to deal with taxes and loans yet. Psst… Don’t grow up, baby flamingo! It’s a trap!