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A Sloth Was Born And This Was The Most Incredible Rare Video That Has Been Captured

Every time a baby sloth is born into the world, it’s reason for celebration. But witnessing such a rare occurrence only adds to the excitement.

Steven Vela, a wilderness guide, did just that recently, and he captured the whole affair on film.


Vela apparently noticed a sloth high in the treetops while traveling through a Costa Rican forest with a group. Even though sloths are usually difficult to locate in the wild, this particular sloth was on the verge of doing something few have ever seen.

The sloth gave birth to a beautiful baby while Vela watched.

Here’s a video of that remarkable event, as well as the tender mother-child relationship that followed:

Vela was taken aback. And it’s not without reason.

“I’ve worked as a guide for eight years and have never seen anything like it,” Vela subsequently claimed. “There was a lot of emotion. I can’t put into words how I felt at the time. I really had a feeling that was something special, something you don’t come across every day.”
With any luck, both mother and baby will flourish in their lush home, marking the beginning of a new generation that will produce many, many more