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On a Routine Call, an Officer Had the Best Day of His Life

Sergeant Daniel Fitzpatrick, a police officer in a tiny Maine town, is used to receiving a variety of calls, including requests to stop drunk drivers, assist broken-down vehicles, and assist assault victims.

But he got a different type of call yesterday: a woman had discovered two pygmy goats inside her garage, devouring all of the cat food she had put out for them.


“The woman who called had located them on High Street and had herded them into her garage, and she locked the garage door,” Belfast Police Department officer Fitzpatrick told The Dodo. “She contacted the police department since we serve as Belfast’s animal control officers.”

According to Fitzpatrick, the woman was overjoyed when the cops came.

“When I glanced out the door, I saw two small goats jumping from one spot to another on a cat entertainment center, eating cat food,” Fitzpatrick added.


When Fitzpatrick took the goats out of the woman’s garage to his police cruiser, the goats, whose names turned out to be Louis and Mowgli, were quite helpful.

Fitzpatrick recalled, “They hopped straight in and off we went.”

Nobody knew where the goats belonged, so Fitzpatrick spent the next two hours hunting with the goats in the back of his truck.


“I rolled down the windows yesterday since it was a lovely day,” Fitzpatrick remarked. “While [Louis] ran from window to window, poking his head out and bleating like he was having a fantastic time, Mowgli looked quite satisfied just falling asleep in the rear.”

“I felt it would be a good idea to open up the sliding Plexiglas barrier that divides the officer area from the holding room,” Fitzpatrick explained. “Throughout the day, I’d been feeding them small slivers of carrots to keep them going, and at one point, Louis nuzzled my ear – he’d pushed his head through and was trying to attract my attention.”


The goats, it turned out, belonged to a family that lived across the street from the woman who discovered them. While no one knows how the goats got out of their yard, Fitzpatrick believes they were simply enjoying the good weather and went for a walk.

“At first, [the owner] had no idea they were gone,” Fitzpatrick explained, “but she was extremely delighted that nothing had happened to them, and she was just very thankful that we took care of them while we could.”


Fitzpatrick is relieved that Louis and Mowgli have returned safely to their house. At the same time, he can’t stop thinking about his new goat pals.

“I can tell you that the goats were a lot more well-behaved and clean than some of the [people] we’ve had on the backs of our control cars recently,” Fitzpatrick remarked. “It was a joy to have them along. We had a wonderful experience.