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On the Highway, a Motorcyclist Saves an Injured Bald Eagle

Dandon Miller was riding his motorcycle down a Pennsylvania highway, enjoying the air and the good weather. Then he came to an abrupt halt when he witnessed something surprising.

On the roadway, Miller discovered a wounded bald eagle.

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

A few more people had come to a halt, but no one knew how to assist the unfortunate bald eagle.

Miller told The Dodo, “I looked down to see why everyone was stopping and there was a bald eagle in the center of the road.” “There was another person there, and they prodded her a little to see whether she would go off the road or flee. She stretched her wings wide and declared that she was not going anywhere.”

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

When Miller dialed 911, he was sent to the Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue, which is a bird rehabilitation organization.
They informed Miller that they would be right over, but that it would take them approximately 45 minutes to get there.

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

He removed his plaid shirt, wrapped it over the bald eagle, and carefully lifted her up. As Miller held her, the bald eagle seemed peaceful, as if she realized he was trying to assist her.
Miller explained, “I was just trying to keep her quiet and make sure she knew she was safe and that I wasn’t going to drop her or anything.” “It was incredible to be able to handle that bird and have her be so peaceful. Just incredible.”

Miller doesn’t mind if his favorite jersey has a few holes in it. He believes it was worthwhile to assist the bald eagle.

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

Stansell hurried the bald eagle into surgery at the rehab clinic. Fortunately, her injuries were mainly minor.
“She suffered a soft tissue damage and a little eye injury, but no broken bones,” Stansell added. “While the eagle was under anesthesia, our wildlife veterinarian treated her wounds. The unexpected can happen at any time, but we are certain that she will fully recover.”

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue later updated their Facebook page with information regarding the bald eagle. They claimed she was doing OK, that she was self-feeding and that her wings were fast mending. They were confident in her ability to recover!

Miller is a generous man who didn’t hesitate to assist an eagle in need. The eagle is on its way to recovery thanks to him.