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When Kittens Get Caught InThe Middle Of A Group Escape Attempt, They Aren’t Happy

Katie Krysan chose to start fostering cats and kittens in need via the A.R.F. Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois when she unexpectedly found herself working from home in March of 2020.

Krysan told The Dodo, “I felt helpless to do anything useful during the epidemic, so I started fostering kittens.”


Krysan is now a seasoned foster parent who is more than capable of dealing with everything that comes her way — but naughty kittens occasionally manage to outwit her.

When Jasmine and her kittens — Rajah, Genie, Abu, and Iago — first arrived in their foster home, their new foster parents were happy at the prospect of providing them with lots of love and cuddles as well as the opportunity to see them develop.


Jasmine and the kittens have been kept secure throughout their stay at their foster home in a large, netted catio. The kittens like climbing all over the catio and have even learnt to scale the netting’s edges like miniature Spidermans. Krysan reasoned that everything was OK because they couldn’t possibly escape — until they proved her incorrect.

If they could, they would have stayed up there all day until they saw it was lunchtime. They were ready to get back into the catio after that.

Krysan was still perplexed as to how the kittens had plotted their big escape, but she and her husband were finally able to discover and address the problem, preventing any more trouble.


“First and foremost, I hated my spouse for not closing all three door latches,” Krysan explained. “I believed the bottom door was slightly ajar, and they squeezed out.” So I believed the situation was solved when I put them away and shut the door. But when I returned, two of the kittens had escaped! We next examined the catio closely and saw several frayed spots in the netting… It’s all okay now that we’ve strengthened it with more zip ties!”


Unfortunately for the kittens, they won’t be able to take long naps on top of the catio any longer, but they’ll most doubt find other ways to cause mischief in no time.