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We Can’t Handle It: TikTok Captures An Adorable Friendship Between A Rescue Piglet And A Dog

Friendships come in many forms and sizes, with some beginning as early as our childhood and others emerging as we become older. While studies suggest that friends are more similar in terms of age, gender, and personality, there is always place for those rare and unusual connections. As a result, the relationship between creatures of various species fascinates us humans, not to mention how cute it is!

This camaraderie, in particular. Meet Miles and Koda, closest buddies for life. Followers can’t get enough of TikTok user panglossblue’s video showing the two besties doing what they do! Koda the piglet snuggles up to Miles, her favorite puppy buddy, in the video. The catchy music “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone plays in the backdrop of the montage.

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These BFFs appear to be joined at the hip. Miles and Koda have snuggles in a sunny location, groom each other, and young Koda flopping and climbing on Miles, who doesn’t seem concerned by the ruckus.

Nonetheless, the opening shot with little piglet Koda sitting on top of Miles—bearing the greatest piggy smile from ear to ear—is paws-down (hooves-down?) the finest part. Your heart will squeal with delight at the sweetness!


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♬ Come and Get Your Love – Redbone

Since it was first uploaded in May, the viral video of the besties has had over 3 million views and 11,000 comments, indicating that it struck a chord with animal lovers. The odd duo certainly has a following, breaking the myth that “birds of a feather flock together” for a brief period.

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While interspecies partnerships are unusual, we are hearing an increasing number of “observations of deep emotional bonds” that cross species borders. “Unlikely friends” may share feelings like joy, love, and empathy, according to Psychology Today.

Friendships exist among all animals, from dogs and cats to wildlife and agricultural animals. We’re so pleased Miles and Koda can depend on one other! The buddies may be found at Sisu Refuge, an animal refuge near Albertson, N.C., when they’re not becoming BFF viral superstars.