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Guy Attempts To Walk His Cats — But It Doesn’t Go As Planned

Keith Resoort noted how much Ivy and Harley liked looking out the windows of his apartment when he adopted them four months ago. Perching on the windowsills and watching the birds is their favourite activity, and Resoort wondered if there was a way to securely take them outside to let them explore.


Resoort decided to give the outside adventure thing a go, so he bought a harness and a leash for each cat. He brought the two sisters outside after they were all tethered and ready to go.

“It took about 30 minutes for them to get comfortable outside on the leash and start exploring a little,” Resoort told The Dodo after getting them outside on the leash. “They tried to hide between my knees for the first 30 minutes, or crawl up to hide on my shoulders. But they soon learned they had nothing to fear and began to roam around and climb a few trees.”


After acclimating, Harley and Ivy found that they like being outside and were having a great time exploring and relaxing in the sun.

Resoort believed it would be comparable to walking dogs because it was his first time taking cats outside on a leash. He tried to convince the girls to go in a certain way with the leash at one point, but they made it clear that they would only move on their own terms.

As he attempted to go forward, the girls decided that being dragged along the ground would be more fun — and they seemed to love it.

Resoort ultimately gave up and simply followed Ivy and Harley about, allowing them to be the leaders, until it was time to call it a day and come inside.


Overall, the trio’s first outside trip was a success, and they now play outside on a routine basis.

“They now like exploring,” added Resoort. “I’ve brought them out about five times already, and they’re having a great time. When I tug on them, they still go slack, but I think they prefer it. I’m hoping to be able to take them to new places and perhaps go camping with them.”