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A Stray Kitten With A Fighting Spirit Seeks For The Kindest People To Assist Her In Thriving

Two litters of kittens were discovered without their mothers in a cat colony. They were sent to a nearby shelter in the hopes of a brighter future. Jess Thoren, a foster volunteer in New Jersey, stepped in and welcomed all eight children into her home.

One of the kittens was noticeably smaller than the others. “The kittens were barely a week old when I acquired them. Kelly (the smallest tabby) weighed just 84 grams. She was really frail “Love Meow was informed by Jess.

Because she lacked the strength to eat from a bottle, the palm-sized tabby had to be tube-fed every two hours. Jess found two minor cuts on her tiny body and began treatment right away. The small warrior was rescued from the edge of death and began to perk up.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

The warrior cat was hell-bent on growing bigger and stronger. Her foster mother urged her to eat, and she took long naps to help her small body recuperate.

After each feeding, Kelly’s ginger brother Zack, who was almost twice her size, kept her company. He snuggled up to her, even offering to be her pillow.

The tabby girl eventually reached 150 grams, the size of a one-week-old, after ten days of round-the-clock care and many sleepless nights. “I’m very proud of her,” Jess wrote. “That might not seem like the biggest feat because all her siblings are at least 100 grams heavier than her.”

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

With her remarkable willpower, the tiny ball of fur continued to wow her foster family. Every day, she got more active, and her appetite improved as well.

Kelly took to her bottle like a champ as soon as she was strong enough. She was much smaller than her siblings, yet she tried her hardest to keep up with the bigger cats in everything.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

The tiny tabby recovered well over time. She continued to eat until she was full, proudly flaunting her round stomach after each meal.

Kelly’s growth was a little behind schedule, and she needed more time to work out her coordination. While her siblings ran circles around her, she seemed unconcerned by the ruckus and only wanted to participate in the fun.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

Jess told Love Meow, “Even though Kelly was little, she tried so hard and wanted to play with the other kittens.”

In foster care, she is flourishing and achieving one milestone after another. Nothing makes her happier than receiving belly massages while also being cuddled.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

She is developing more quicker and catching up in size now that she is eating on her own.

In this adorable video, you can see Kelly the kitten:

Kelly, the tiniest tabby in the group, enjoys following the other cats about and learning the ropes.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

She makes up for her lack of stature with her personality. Even when her siblings are trying to sleep, the feisty kitten enjoys wrestling with them.

Kelly will not accept no for an answer when she wants to play. “She’s a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it.”

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

The courageous kitten has come a long way.

She’s still the baby of the litter, yet she has a powerful personality and a lion’s heart.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

The palm-sized cat has grown into a healthy, happy tabby girl thanks to a loving foster home.

Kelly was a little little girl when she initially arrived at her foster family.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

Take a look at her now! She can’t wait to grow up and get her own apartment.

CREDIT: Jess Thoren @kittenbnb