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Dad’s Faithful Dog Waits Outside The Door For Him To Come From The Hospital

Dogs are without a doubt the most loyal companions humans have, but the story of this tiny puppy waiting for her human father to return from the hospital has taken devotion to a whole new level.

It all started in April, when Katie Snyder brought her puppy, Leia, to live with her father for a while. The plan was for Leia to spend some time on vacation with her human grandparents, thus it was only intended to be temporary.

Waiting for her father to return from the hospital is a faithful dog.
Leia enjoys spending time with Katie’s parents and wishes she could have them all to herself, so it was the ideal time to unwind. In addition, he enjoys the peace and quiet, and this was the ideal way for him to unwind from his two rambunctious dog brothers.

Leia isn’t your average pet; she has a distinct style of showing her devotion and is always able to communicate herself.

Katie explained to The Dodo:

“Leia isn’t your average plush dog; she’s self-sufficient and laid-back. Leia adores everyone of her human companions in her own special manner. Whether it’s sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for you to complete or laying next to you during movie night.


Katie could see her pet having a good time at her parents’ house every day and that she was enjoying herself, but she had no idea how unique the relationship between Leia and her father had become over this time. weather.

This connection was on display for all to see when the duo’s friendship was put to the test by a tough circumstance at home, when Leia expressed her sentiments.


The old guy, who tragically suffers from cancer and had to be brought to the hospital as Katie’s parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, had some health difficulties.

Katie’s mother followed her husband to the hospital, but was forced to return home owing to Covid-19’s severe isolation requirements. When Katie’s mother arrived home alone, it was apparent that she wasn’t the only one who was upset, since Leia was waiting for her at the door.

What’s more unexpected is that she waited with her head down at the front entrance, quietly waiting for her father to return.


Katie’s mother was taken aback by the touching event, and she decided to snap a photo of the grieving dog and email it to Katie right away.

Katie stated,

“I broke into tears as soon as he gave me the snapshot. It was excruciatingly painful. I could see how much I adored my father and how much I missed him.

When Katie’s father returned home the next day, he and Leia were pleased to see one other again. Without a doubt, this demonstrated their deep respect for one another and their unique relationship.


Katie decided to arrange for Leia to be with her father permanently after realizing how much her father’s absence affected her.

Katie stated,

She is the true definition of a dog when it comes to loyalty. He is now her human.

Now that Dad’s health is being watched over by two females at home, he must be pleased with the attention he is receiving.

Katie had this to say:

“Another girl kissing him on the cheek is nothing new to my mother.”


For the time becoming, Katie’s father and Leia will continue to enjoy their strong link of loyalty.