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When A Family Went To Adopt Kittens, They Couldn’t Avoid These Three Together Since They Have Such A Beautiful Relationship

After being found crying under a car engine, a beautiful black and white kitten was brought in with Ashley Kelley, a foster care volunteer from the Wrenn Rescues Rescue Center. Odahviing, the kitten, was born with a bilateral cleft lip and needed tube feeding for the first two weeks following his rescue.

The kitten healed fast, and once he was strong enough to feed on his own, he felt like the luckiest cat in the world, and he was unstoppable; Ashley received another special needs kitten called Attis a few weeks later.

Attis has cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes him to wobble a little; he is also blind, but he refuses to let that stop him from getting around the house using his other senses.

When the family went to adopt kittens, they couldn’t keep these three apart.


Ashley explained to Love Meow:

“He hears and feels the vibrations with his whiskers, which he uses to keep track of everything. You wouldn’t notice he’s blind if you didn’t know. She moves very well, running and jumping with the dexterity of a kitten her age.


The two cats got along as if they were littermates when this brave youngster was ready to meet Odahviing. These kittens shared a remarkable relationship and spent all of their time together, despite coming from separate moms.


Little Attis cuddled close to his dearest pal and purred blissfully as he fell asleep. His new brother’s presence made him more self-assured, and his blindness had no effect on him.


A gorgeous kitten called Matilda Beans joined the gang a short time later, and she was taken into Ashley’s care for critical care.

Ashley says:

“She was part of a litter that came in with an upper respiratory illness, but she took it especially badly since she was the dwarf.”


While Matilda’s siblings survived, she suffered with such a range of health problems that hampered her growth.

As Ashley said:

“It took him a month of constant oxygen, numerous nebulizer treatments per day, extremely powerful antibiotics, eye drops, and nose drops to recover, but he had a tremendous determination to survive and he did. He never came to a halt or let me ponder if he was hurt.


When Matilda’s health began to improve, her inquisitive nature began to emerge. She was anxious to make new friends with whom she could play, and Ashley had just the right company for her.


Ashley said, ”

“When Matilda Beans saw the boys, it was love at first sight. These three are inseparable and have always been the nicest of misfits. They brought a lot of delight to my entire house, each one so individual yet so complimentary to the others ».

Ashley wanted the trio would find a home together when they were ready to find their forever homes, despite the fact that finding a home for three cats is a tremendous commitment and responsibility.


However, she was pleasantly surprised a few weeks later when a family submitted an adoption application for the three kittens; the volunteer was ecstatic and thankful.


As Ashley put it,

“I sobbed when their new mom came up to me and said she wanted to adopt all three of them and asked me all the things an adoptive should ask me. Neither of these kittens was a last-minute addition. All three are quite popular.


The three cats are content with their new home and are relishing their new life as indoor cats. Matilda has her preferred spot by the window, and her siblings are soaking up all of the attention from their people.

According to the new feline family,

He’s at the window if he’s not fighting with his brothers or hugging me. Odahviing, Attis, and Matilda Beans are our first stop on our adventure. We’re giddy with anticipation.


On their Instagram page, you can learn more about the rescue center’s work, and on their personal Instagram account, you can follow the adventures of these three young ones.