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After Being Adopted, A Rescued Cat Can’t Stop Licking And Hugging His New Owner

Meet Honeycake, an orange tabby cat that had a difficult start in life. His former owner threw the unfortunate cat out of a moving automobile. Fortunately, a nice stranger scooped him up and drove him to a shelter.

The cat was treated and cared for at the shelter after being transported there, but there was a deadline for the ginger boy to be adopted there. When Michigan Cat Rescue learned about Honeycake, they went to the shelter and took it in. As a result, he may be given the second opportunity in life that he so well deserves.

The cat lingered with the rescuers at Michigan Cat Rescue’s shelter, hoping for someone to come and take him home. On November 12, after a lengthy wait, his desire of meeting a new person was realized.

Renee, a nurse, discovers Honeycake at the shelter and falls in love with him right away. She then chose to adopt the ginger kid and nickname him Finnegan. He appears to be in love with its kindhearted owner, as he cannot stop licking and kissing and caressing her. He cuddled up to her and kissed her face, as if to say, “You are my human now!”

Finnegan has had a loving home, but he may not survive as long as other cats. The reason for this is because he has heart-related health issues. However, this does not prevent them from developing a deep bond with one another. They never want to be separated.

Watch how spoiled Finnegan when he is around Renee here!