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Shelter Dog Stays Glued To His Bigger Doggo Friend To Make Sure Someone Adopts Them Together

Meet Bonnie and Clyde, the inseparable rescue doggies who, above everything else, just want to be together. The canines are so close, that Clyde, the smaller dog, can usually be found sitting on Bonnie – and the larger pooch doesn’t seem to mind.

The adorable duo was found wandering the streets of Arizona as strays and taken to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC). There, the staffers immediately recognized the two were buddies, but were still surprised to see Clyde atop Bonnie.

“Initially we thought it was a fluke, but it started happening a lot,” MCACC’s public information officer, Jose Santiago, told The Dodo. “Now it is unusual to not see them that way. They are as bonded as you can imagine.”

The two even sleep together, with Clyde being the small spoon, and Bonnie the big one. “It speaks volumes about the trust and bond they have,” Santiago said. “It’s comforting to know that they are bonded so strongly to alleviate any stress, but it also stresses the importance of them going home together.”

We hope these two doggies will not only enjoy a long and lasting friendship, but that soon they will find a loving forever home.